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Undressed and Re-distressed

I’ve been needing a new bedside table for quite some time, but couldn’t find just the right one… until this Wednesday.  And when I found it, I was so pleased that I had to tackle it immediately.  It turned out to be a 24-hour project, from pickup to posting. I got it from Craigslist, of […]

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Our front hallway needs something. Paint?  Yes.  But not that. Windows?  Yeah, but it’s a central hall so that’s impossible. Pictures?  Artwork?  Okay, yes, that too, but that will come later. Furniture?  But — it’s so small! But what home doesn’t need a dedicated spot near the front door for gloves and keys?  And hats?  […]

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Spinet Desk, Pt 1

I made a Craigslist purchase today.  I saw this little spinet desk while browsing last night and thought, “Wow, that’s cheap.  I bet I could polish that up and turn a bit of a profit.” And then when I got there this afternoon and saw it, I thought, “Maybe I’ll keep that.” It’s petite, even […]

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