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Monthly Archive for December, 2011

Sandwich du jour

When I was in grad school in Wales, I worked at a sandwich shop called Crumbs.  I learned a lot there, about sandwiches, and about what I am and am not good at.  My boss came in one day with official tax-related paperwork for us all to fill out.  On the line for my job […]

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Some thank-yous

Aww…. my first-ever guest post is up on my friend Adam’s blog, Twice Cooked.  Catch my delicious Sweet Potato Grits experience at www.twice-cooked.com/2011/12/26/sweet-potato-grits/   Thanks for having me, Adam! And, my sweet mother has gifted me with a new camera for Christmas.  There will doubtless be a learning curve involved, but the pictures on this blog […]

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O Christmas Tree

Jackson featured on our Christmas card, both visually and verbally.  He shared the frame with our tree, though. Did I tell you about this year’s Christmas tree expedition?  LAST year, we set out in a snowstorm, slithered 14 miles to a tree farm, tramped through a forest, cut down our own tree and hauled it […]

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