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Monthly Archive for February, 2012

What do you mean it’s almost over?

I can’t believe February has flown by so quickly.  Normally, February creeps for me: it’s the doldrums of winter, when I float, becalmed, on a sea of snow flurries and ennui. But this year, I took a lovely trip, did a great deal of painting, and caught strep throat.  More about the first two (happier […]

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Post-Holiday Bingeing Post

No, not that kind of bingeing.  Which is why this post is not, in fact, a New Year’s Resolutions post — even though the title sounds that way.  Granted, we were full of cookies and eggnog here, and are still working our way through the turkey stock.  But one of my favorite things about that […]

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Vegetable Victory!

I have some momentous news: I have finally conquered the turnip!  Or rutabaga, to be precise — my vegetable bete noir.  No matter how they are served, by myself or others, I’ve really never liked turnips.  I’ve tried cooking them all sorts of ways, too: roasted, braised, souped, etc.  In my years-long challenge to myself […]

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