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I can’t show you photos of my kitchen right now.  Oh, it’s BETTER — but it’s not ready for its close-up yet.  I need some more storage solutions and I want to paint.

And what do you do when you want to paint, but it isn’t quite time yet?  You go paint for someone else!

My brother’s birthday falls near the 4th of July, and he’d planned to take advantage of the holiday to paint his kitchen cabinets.  You may remember the diseased wallpaper that infested his kitchen when he bought the house last fall; he’s gotten rid of that since my last visit, so the cabinetry came to the fore as the greatest eyesore in the room.  Now, my mother and I had planned to visit him to help celebrate his birthday — but given the circumstances, we decided to help out with the kitchen instead.  (Well, not quite instead.  We had a LITTLE bit of celebrating and a LOT of painting!)

He had already cleared the cabinets out, so this is what it looked like when we arrived:

Just look at all that shiny orange plywood!  (By the way, all photos in this post are taken with Instagram, because I left my good camera at home.)

The exterior surfaces were worn; the interior surfaces were covered with nasty Contact paper from the early 70’s, to judge by the orange-and-brown colorway and the creepy fruit and cross-stitch pattern.  We peeled it up with our fingernails, and it left a nasty sticky reside behind.  On every shelf.  At the bottom of every drawer.

Our next step was spackling and sanding.  His palm sander hooks right up to his shop vac.  I’ve gotta get one like that.

Priming seemed to take a while, but painting went very quickly.  The weather was hot and humid, so we were careful to wait a full 24 hours between coats, sanding lightly before we got our rollers back out.

When we left on Saturday, the outer faces still needed a third coat of paint, and the shelves needed time to cure before being filled.  But doesn’t it already look brighter and bigger?  I’m hoping for a change this dramatic in my own kitchen.

I believe it’s all done by now.  But SOMEBODY hasn’t taken After pictures to share with his family!

We used a Valspar primer and Sherwin-Williams paint in Panda.  I’m pondering trying out one of the new Rustoleum kits on my own cabinets.  They are, overall, still in very good shape and I want my paint job to wear well.  But I also want to micromanage the color choices.  In fact, I think I might want white on top and something else on the bottom!  Navy?  Dull green?  “Aw, don’t girl it up,” said my brother.  But I think I’m going to.  Later.  I find, suddenly, that I’ve had enough painting for a few days.

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