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Although it’s not the purpose behind the holiday, Labor Day seems to many of us to mark the end of summer.  For those of us in academia, it’s a gentle ease-in to the fall semester.  I started teaching last week, but my first weekend is a long one.  It’s my birthday weekend, too!  Best present ever: a brother who drives 5 hours to surprise you AND help you organize your basement.

Actually I didn’t do any basement organization at all: B did it with my brother and his father.  Upstairs, the female half of the family painted, framed, and re-arranged.  It’s not done yet, so it’s not ready to share — which pretty much explains the total absence of posts this summer.  I’m not READY for you to see my house yet!  But we did a lot of laboring this weekend, and I hope to get back to blogging soon.

In the mean time, I do want to share one of my favorite things about living here.  We miss our walks in Syracuse and we haven’t really made peace yet with that absence in our lives (the friends, the dogs, the quarry, the cemetery) but we do truly enjoy the wilder woodlands here.  In particular, a large patch of forest just minutes from the house offers us daily adventures — and the winding trails, and total lack of signage, necessitate keeping my phone handy.  For the GPS.  The camera is just a convenient bonus.

In July, we found blackberries in the woods.

And ate them.

A birdhouse we found when we got very lost one day.

That was also the day Jackson realized that he liked puddles. Life has been a little dirtier ever since.

Digging is also entertaining. Who knows what’s under that log? Jackson will find out!

In August, we found the sunflower field.

You CAN take it with you.

Also in the sunflower field, but NOT coming home with us.

The woods are so fascinating that he exhausts himself every day.

September has brought toadstools.

Beautiful, and probably poisonous.

I have more pictures — probably a tedious array! — but Jackson is indicating that it’s time to stop LOOKING at the woods and go out to walk in them again.  Our first two months here have been good ones, quiet but productive.  I am, as always, sad to see summer end, but this one has been most satisfying, and we’ll remember it with pleasure.


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  1. Karen says:

    Lovely pictures and so glad to have an update from B, B, and J! I have so missed reading your blog! (I am keeping in touch a bit through Sheldon.) So glad things are going well for ALL of you!

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