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About Bread & Honey

About Me:

I was born in upstate New York and now I live there again, in an almost-100-year-old house that’s brand new to me.  I am a folklorist.  I have a partner (I call him B) and a puppy (Jackson) and a part-time teaching gig at a local educational establishment.

About the Blog:

Bread & Honey is devoted to the sweet satisfaction we find in the mundane and the domestic.  As a folklorist, I am entranced by the details of daily life: the world of the past; how we remember it, replicate it, and keep it alive; and how we adapt it to the different materials, technologies, and pressures of the present.  I am not alone in my fascination.  An online community has emerged in response to the allure of home.  All over the world, people are sharing their creativity, showing off their projects, and participating in the creation of a virtual record of evolving folkways.

This blog is about the past in the present — what we are doing today to make our houses homes and to maintain a sense of heritage and continuity in this fast-changing era, visually, materially, musically, culinarily (is that a word? now it is), festively.  Baking a birthday cake?  Decorating pysanky eggs?  Painting your grandmother’s hutch?  Tell me how you get your hands dirty, and why — I want to know!

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