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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

IS St. Patrick’s Day a holiday upon which one traditionally wishes happiness to others?  I thought it was a day for dispensing beer with a liberal hand. Despite being a religious holiday — the feast day of Padraig or Patrick, who explained the Holy Trinity to the heathen Irish using the three-leaved shamrock — March […]

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O Christmas Tree

Jackson featured on our Christmas card, both visually and verbally.  He shared the frame with our tree, though. Did I tell you about this year’s Christmas tree expedition?  LAST year, we set out in a snowstorm, slithered 14 miles to a tree farm, tramped through a forest, cut down our own tree and hauled it […]

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Happy Birthday, B!

B is very, very old today.  So old that I won’t mention it in public.  I’ve bought him an engraved cane, so that he can shake it at those kids with their skateboards, and Jackson is learning to fetch his slippers.  (Jackson is getting better and better at the “fetch” part, but he still prefers […]

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